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"On Stage in Style" - A Glimpse of Hong Kong Creativity

Posted in: Press Releases

May 25th, 2012

To showcase Hong Kong's creativity, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO), Toronto is presenting a promotion entitled "On Stage in Style - A Glimpse of Hong Kong Creativity on Stage and Behind the Scenes" from May 25 to 26 at the 2012 Montreal International Design Show (SIDIM), a major annual trade show in Canada.

Speaking at SIDIM's opening ceremony today, the Deputy Director of HKETO, Mr Peter Kwok, said that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government attached much importance to the development of Hong Kong's cultural and creative industries. In addition to being a top financial centre and logistics hub, Hong Kong has also quickly caught up with the world in design and creativity. "This is marked as one of the greatest achievements since Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China," he said.

"Nourished under a rich culture where the East meets the West, Hong Kong designers demonstrate the power of creativity and diversity in the international design scene," said Mr Kwok. The SIDIM's Hong Kong booths showcase the city's achievements over the past decade in the field of theatrical design. Designer Ms Mandy Tam from the Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians and Scenographers and a couple of local artists were there to take the visitors to a Chinese opera stage specially set up at the SIDIM, and introduce them to magnificent embroidery and exotic design of theatre costumes, as well as on-stage visual effects. Three performances, coordinated by Alice Chan of Toronto's Starlight Cantonese Opera, on an excerpt from Legend of the White Snake are taking place during SIDIM.

The year 2012 is designated as the Hong Kong Design Year. According to Mr Kwok, there are over 34,000 design and creativity-related establishments in Hong Kong, employing more than 189,000 people.

Opera costumes designed by Ms Tam were featured at the Hong Kong display booths. Ms Tam is one of the leading costume designers for opera and theatre in Hong Kong. Over the past 15 years, she has created costumes for many stage productions, including Cantonese opera "Princess Der Ling and Empress Dowager Cixi".

The Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Toronto, Mr Peter Kwok, today introduced the Hong Kong design and creative industries to visitors at the Hong Kong booths in 2012 Montreal International Design Show.

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